The 18th Annual Competitive Challenges Conference
September 29 & 30, 2021 |  Virtual Format

2021 Agenda

Investment Management Industry Post Pandemic:
Tipping Point or Business as Usual?

The theme for the 2021 Competitive Challenges Conference is whether the industry will experience a 'tipping point' as we emerge from COVID-19. Specifically, how will heightened investor expectations for strong brands, tech-enabled client experiences, new investment approaches, not to mention low fees, impact the asset management business? And, on a more practical level, what business practices can leadership teams implement to maximize the chance of success in the future?

Global Topics & Sessions
Wednesday, September 29

Start: 10:00am EDT | 3:00pm BST | 10:00pm SGT
End: 1:00pm EDT | 6:00pm BST | 1:00am SGT

10:00am – 10:05am EDT
3:00pm – 3:05pm BST
10:00pm – 10:05pm SGT

Welcome - Global Sessions

10:05am – 10:35am EDT
3:05pm – 3:35pm BST
10:05pm – 10:35pm SGT

State of the Asset Management Industry

10:35am – 11:05am EDT
3:35pm – 4:05pm BST
10:35pm – 11:05pm SGT

Creating a Truly Differentiated Brand

In a world in which perceptions can solidify prior to any human interaction, establishing positive – and even better, differentiated – brand associations is critical to success. Digital channels have led to myriad new opportunities to build awareness, convey important messages, and establish investment credibility. This panel will examine how managers have built differentiated brands through effective management of both new 'digital' channels and more traditional marketing approaches.


Simon Bailey
Global Head of Brand

Steve Gorski
Vice President and Director of Client Service
Dodge & Cox

11:05am – 11:15am EDT
4:05pm – 4:15pm BST
11:05pm – 11:15pm SGT


11:15am – 11:45am EDT
4:15pm – 4:45pm BST
11:15pm – 11:45pm SGT

Investor Engagement in a 'Hybrid' World

COVID has changed the way that many institutional investors wish to interact with their service providers. Greater comfort levels with technology are opening new opportunities for selling, servicing, and engaging, that may lead to a re-thinking of the client experience entirely. This panel will discuss what innovative approaches are gaining traction and what practices will remain unchanged.


Onur Erzan
Head of Global Client Group

Stefan Haselwandter
Senior Managing Director, Head of Client Group
Wellington Management

11:45am – 12:15pm EDT
4:45pm – 5:15pm BST
11:45pm – 12:15am SGT

Next Generation Business Strategy

Strategy has never been more important in the investment management industry than it is today. Challenged margins – driven by heightened competition, fee compression, and fewer greenfield growth opportunities – has placed business strategy center stage. This panel of senior strategists will discuss approaches for optimizing client relationships, product mix, channel mix and geographic footprints.


Ralph Haberli
President, Institutional Retirement Client Group
Capital Group

Taimur Hyat
Chief Operating Officer

12:15pm – 12:45pm EDT
5:15pm – 5:45pm BST
12:15am – 12:45am SGT


Adam Spector
Executive Vice President, Head of Global Distribution
Franklin Templeton

Managing Partner
Brandywine Global

12:45pm – 12:50pm EDT
5:45pm – 5:50pm BST
12:45am – 12:50am SGT

Wrap-Up - Global Sessions

Asia Topics & Sessions
Wednesday, September 29 (EDT) // Thursday, September 30 (SGT)

Start: 9:00pm EDT | 2:00am BST | 9:00am SGT
End: 10:30pm EDT | 3:30am BST | 10:30am SGT

9:00pm – 9:05pm EDT
(Wednesday, September 29)
2:00am – 2:05am BST
(Thursday, September 30)
9:00am – 9:05am SGT
(Thursday, September 30)

Welcome - Asia Sessions

9:05pm – 9:45pm EDT
2:05am – 2:45am BST
9:05am – 9:45am SGT

Responding to Asian Investors Rapidly Evolving ESG Needs

While ESG has been around for decades, it has truly come to life in Asia in the last 5 years. Bringing ESG to life are asset owners of myriad sizes, portfolio structures, motivations and based in varied regulatory jurisdictions. This panel of asset management leaders will discuss approaches for designing their ESG go to market strategy to best address a widely dispersed set of client ESG needs, and their approach to most effectively communicate their ESG capabilities to clients.


Tony Archer
Managing Director - Asia Pacific
American Century Investments

Rajeev Mittal
Managing Director, Asia Pacific (ex-Japan)
Fidelity International

Desmond Ng
Head of Asia Pacific
Allianz Global Investors

9:45pm – 10:25pm EDT
2:45am – 3:25am BST
9:45am – 10:25am SGT

Japanese Investment Management Market: Seeking a Holy Grail in Private Assets

Though the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield has been gradually backing up since the beginning of 2021, the front end of the yield curve stays near zero. And it's hard to imagine global rates will be soon coming out of the woods of the current super low-rate environment given the continuing accommodative monetary policy stance across G7 countries. Investors will need to be creative in 2021, as low yields and tighter credit spreads could make attractive returns harder to find. This panel sheds more light on private assets, especially private debt as a source of stable yields relative to conventional asset classes in which Japanese institutional investors could invest.


Takashi Ikushima
Managing Director
Neuberger Berman

Noriko Kawamoto
Head of Sales, Japan
New York Life Investment Management Asia Ltd.

Daisuke Kitta
Senior Managing Director
Blackstone Group

日本の運用マネジメント : プライベート・アセットに聖杯(稀少価値)を求めて


Takashi Ikushima
Managing Director
Neuberger Berman

Noriko Kawamoto
Head of Sales, Japan
New York Life Investment Management Asia Ltd.

Daisuke Kitta
Senior Managing Director
Blackstone Group

10:25pm – 10:30pm EDT
3:25am – 3:30am BST
10:25am – 10:30am SGT

Wrap-Up - Asia Sessions

Europe Topics & Sessions
Thursday, September 30

Start: 7:00am EDT | 12:00pm BST | 7:00pm SGT
End: 8:30am EDT | 1:30pm BST | 8:30pm SGT

7:00am – 7:05am EDT
12:00pm – 12:05pm BST
7:00pm – 7:05pm SGT

Welcome - Europe Sessions

7:05am – 7:45am EDT
12:05pm – 12:45pm BST
7:05pm – 7:45pm SGT

Finding a Path Forward in the 'New Normal'

As investors, consultants and managers alike try to navigate the post-COVID 'new normal', firms are emerging into a market that was already on the verge of significant change. This panel of asset management leaders will explore how firms are setting out their strategic roadmaps in response to a range of internal and external drivers from tech-driven transformation and shifts in corporate working and culture to responding to evolving social and environmental preferences and requirements.


Ryan Blute
Head of Global Wealth Management, Europe

Karine Szenberg
Head of Europe & Middle East

Euan Munro
Newton Investment Management

7:45am – 8:25am EDT
12:45pm – 1:25pm BST
7:45pm – 8:25pm SGT

UK and Continental European Investment Management Market

We're currently in the midst of several structural shifts affecting every aspect of the investment management value chain. The global events of the last 18 months have accelerated these changes and they are impacting managers, investment consultants, institutional investors and intermediary distributors across the UK and Continental Europe. We will consider how these broader industry changes are impacting the UK and European markets and where investment managers should be focusing their attention.

8:25am – 8:30am EDT
1:25pm – 1:30pm BST
8:25pm – 8:30pm SGT

Wrap-Up - Europe Sessions

North America Topics & Sessions
Thursday, September 30

Start: 10:00am EDT | 3:00pm BST | 10:00pm SGT
End: 11:30am EDT | 4:30pm BST | 11:30pm SGT

10:00am – 10:05am EDT
3:00pm – 3:05pm BST
10:00pm – 10:05pm SGT

Welcome - North America Sessions

10:05am – 10:45am EDT
3:05pm – 3:45pm BST
10:05pm – 10:45pm SGT

New Approaches to Institutional Portfolio Management

The investment management industry has witnessed its fair share of fads over the years. That said, we're currently in the midst of several shifts that appear to be long-term, secular trends. This panel of North American asset owners will share their experiences and outlooks on incorporating ESG approaches, expanding use of private markets, addressing fund level shortfalls, developing strategic partnerships with third-parties, and (maybe) even investing in digital assets.


Joseph Boateng
Chief Investment Officer
Casey Family Programs

Meghan Brown
Senior Portfolio Manager
Florida State Board of Administration

Stacy Jennings
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Antonio Rodriguez
Director of Investment Strategy
NYC Board of Education Retirement System

10:45am – 11:25am EDT
3:45pm – 4:25pm BST
10:45pm – 11:25pm SGT

Navigating Post-Pandemic Consultant Engagement

The path down the selection funnel has begun to shift. Questions regarding ESG, D&I, and technology are increasingly being prioritized, but what is the best way to address these broad categories with new and existing clients? After a year of remote presentations, has the process permanently changed? As gatekeepers of institutional assets, this panel of investment consultants will provide insights on strategies to best re-engage clients and prospects as we move forward from the unique challenges of the pandemic environment.


Russ Ivinjack
Senior Partner, Global Chief Investment Officer

Stephen McCourt
Managing Principal/Co-Chief Executive Officer
Meketa Investment Group

Rich Nuzum
President, Investments & Retirement

11:25am – 11:30am EDT
4:25pm – 4:30pm BST
11:25pm – 11:30pm SGT

Wrap-Up - North America Sessions